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Plastim is part of the Omnia Plastica group and one of the leading retailers of semi-finished plastics in the U.K. It specializes in the mechanical processing for the mechanical industrial components on a global platform. Our continued investment in technology and highly trained engineers gives us the capability to produce complex designs to low tolerances. Plastim's reputation and success are founded on a wider range of standard format thermoplastics as well as customized materials.

Plastim Partner Omnia Plastica

Since 1960 Omnia has produced semi-finished plastics and technical industrial components in thermoplastic polymers. We specialize in several different processes of plastic injection, consisting of composite fibres moulding and polycarbonate hard coating. The deep knowledge of the transformation methods of plastic materials, together with the constant investments in facilities and equipment, are the main aspects that have been leading Omnia Plastica since 1950.

Plastim Partner Bell Security

Bell Safety srl, located in Italy, is the holding of the Group and owner of the Bell Safety® trademark which produces helmets, shields, batons, tactical body armours and gas masks for law enforcement. The production, even customized, is managed through a technologically advanced line. An internal laboratory is precisely devoted to the inspections on high-performance composite materials.

PLastim Partner Plastici Industriali

Plastici Industriali is the point of reference in the thermoplastic polymers world. It offers a wide range of finished and semi-finished products obtained with selected raw materials and transformed according to certified methods, based on international regulations (ISO) and statistical controls (dimensional and ultrasonic tests etc.).

Plastim Parnter IPE

Industrial Plastics Europe provides high quality stock shapes and technical components for industry. The product range includes more than 8,000 technical semi-finished items and finished pieces of any dimension for different applications. The internal production division allows carrying out any mechanical processing – laser cut, milling and CNC turning – as well as bending, cold forming, sticking and wire welding.

Plastim Partner Plastem

Plastem is one of the fastest-growing retailers of semi-finished plastics in South Africa. Established in 2013 they have already made vast inroads into the mining, material handling and chemical industries, offering a wide range of thermoplastic materials. Plastem's success is based on exceptional service, top quality products and fair prices.

Plastim Partner Vista Kusuma

Vista Kusuma is the Asiatic headquarter of Bell Safety Group. It is specialized in the production and hard coating of motorcycle helmets visors. A skilled staff and a state-of- the-art production line are devoted to the injection moulding of polycarbonate and its coating with special resins, which improves the polymer's surface properties. The coating gives to the pieces anti-scratch and anti-fog properties, improving the aesthetic looking.