Plastim Nylon 6 Extruded

Nylon 6 Extruded (natural)


Semi-crystalline polymer Nylon has goods general features and excellent quality/price rate. Using only high viscosity raw material for the extrusion of our Nylon 6 stock shapes grants a very high quality level: mechanical resistances as well as sliding properties are higher if compared with other low viscosity Nylons. Our unique annealing process grants dimensional stability and easy machining.


Abrasion resistance: even in dusty and demanding environments, it's one of the best engineering plastics.
Toughness: high tensile stress and compressive strength. The shock resistance is good particularly for annealed material.
Fatigue-proof: it maintains its features even under continuous stress.
Self-lubricating: the friction coefficient is low and generally no lubrication is required for sliding applications.
Weather and ageing resistance.
It is resistant to alkali, inorganic compounds and solvents.
Food contact approved. Food Certification EC 10/2011 – FDA.


It is hygroscopic; it absorbs moisture which means that in time both its mechanical features and dimensions will change.
When dry, it is hard and stiff and when moist it becomes more shock resistant and yielding.
Machining is easy but automatic lathes should be avoided as the swarf is extremely elastic.
The use in the electrical field is to be avoided because of the moisture content.


Thanks to its features and low price, it's a popular material for “general purposes". Widely used in the mechanical industry to produce:
Anti-wear guides.