Plastim Epoxy Glass Sheet

Epoxy Sheet


This is a thermo-laminated glass epoxy material, composed of woven fibreglass cloth and an epoxy resin binder that is flame resistant. With a good strength to weight ratio this product is used most commonly in electrical applications where high heat, mechanical stability and electrically isolative conditions are needed. Epoxy glass also has a very low water absorption rate. Even when machined into finished parts and components Epoxy glass retains its shape and size even operating at its material limits for prolonged periods of time.


High dielectric strength.
High tensile strength.
Low moisture absorption.
High impact strength.
Radiation resistant.
Chemically resistant.
Low dissipation factor.
Cryogenic serviceability.


Brittle - tools must be operated at lower RPM to prevent stress fractures.
Diamond tools must be used, due to its abrasive nature.
Difficult to machine.
Protective equipment needs to be worn when handing and machining.


It can be used for parts with a high demand of impact strength or in low temperature conditions.
Terminal boards.
Relays & switches.
Arc shields.
Screw terminal strips.