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Throughout our business, Plastim prides itself on being accessible to its customers. Investing time in our business relationships has proven to be a cornerstone in giving them stability, reassurance and ultimately peace of mind.
Warren Ironside Plastim General Manager

Warren Ironside
Managing Director

"After 15 years at Plastim, I'm extremely proud of how we as a company have grown and developed over the years.
My pride and passion for what we do, is still growing.
With my vision for the future becoming a reality, we really are providing a unique option for our customers."

Judy Pooley Plastim Financial Controller

Judy Pooley
Finance Controller

01452 857733 (Opt 2)

"After 14 years in commercial accounts, I still enjoy playing with numbers. At Plastim I'm able to nurture my love for playing with my Abacus and look forward to watching the company grow even more then it has in the 4 years I've been here."

Pierre Poinen Plastim Head of Sales

Pierre Poinen
Head of Sales

01452 857733 (Ext 202)

"Having been on-board for a short while, I'm thoroughly enjoying working with the team and customers alike. What makes us different, is offering a quality product to the market, with a personal touch."

David Lait Plastim Senior Account Manager

David Lait
Senior Account Manager

01452 857733 (Ext 210)

"I've enjoyed my 2 years with the sales team and collaborating with our larger customers on project work. I'm now looking forward to new challenges in our machined components division, whilst maintaining the reins for the company's recruitment, training and accreditation."

Anna Newman Plastim Senior Sales Manager

Anna Newman
Senior Sales Manager

01452 857733 (Ext 203)

"Having been in account management for 8 years, I'm really enjoying being part of a business that's professional, fun and maintains those important family values. I am looking forward to further developing those all-important relationships."

Ricahrd Bruce Plastim Sales Administrator

Richard Bruce
Sales Administrator

01452 857733 (Ext 209)

"The past year has been a success story and I've grown in my role as senior account manager. I'm confident with the team we have in place and the quality of our products, that we can exceed our customer's expectations."

Stephanie Milton Plastim Sales Administrator

Stephanie Milton
Sales Administrator

01452 857733 (Ext 203)

"I'm really enjoying the challenge of my role and I love working with the team, who genuinely care about delivering and doing their best for our customers."

Toby Stow Plastim Quality Control

Toby Stow
Quality Controller

01452 857733 (Ext 102)

"I have been surprised by the variety of different plastics' properties and their inherent machining characteristics. Plastim have the skills and knowledge available, to produce some very complex work with some very difficult materials."

Jake Welsh Plastim Warehouse Supervisor

Jake Welsh
Warehouse Supervisor

01452 857733 (Ext 101)

After working in sales for nearly 7 years, the opportunity to work for Plastim has been the right choice. I'm thoroughly enjoying my time here, working with some great people in a business that is offering a unique proposal to the market.

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