Plastim Noryl GF +30% Glass Filled

Noryl GF +30% GF


During the glass modification, the basic polyphenyle ether polymer is reinforced with 30% glass-fibres. This leads to stiffness and increased resistance in the binding substance and an increased heat distortion resistance at the same time. The impact resistance is decreased, the tensile and bending strength is increased to 8.000 and/or 6.000 MPa. Noryl GF 30-plastics are often used as electronics housings or valve pistons.


High dimensional stability.
High impact strength.
Excellent electrical properties.
Low tendency to creep.
Good electrical characteristics over a wide frequency range.
High resistance to hydrolysis.


Not resistant to petroleum products, coolants and cutting oils containing petroleum.
More brittle compared with standard Noryl.


Because of its strength, electrical properties and ease to machine, this product is predominantly used in:
Automotive Industry.
Electrical industry.
Mechanical engineering.
Medical technology.
Electronic housings.
Support pistons.