Plastim Nylon 6 Extruded Black

Nylon 6 Extruded (black)


Semi-crystalline polymer Nylon has goods general features and excellent quality/price rate. PA6 MG has the addition of colorants and additives for increased UV resistance and self-lubricating properties. Using only high viscosity raw material for the extrusion of our Nylon 6 stock shapes grants a very high quality level: mechanical resistances as well as sliding properties are higher if compared with other low viscosity Nylons. Our unique annealing process grants dimensional stability and easy machining.


Excellent price/performance ratio, enhanced by the lubricants.
Good abrasion resistance even in dusty or harsh.
High toughness, tensile strength, compressive and fatigue resistance.
Excellent self-lubricating properties.
Particularly suitable for outdoor use because UV resistant.


It absorbs moisture. With time the mechanical characteristics and the size vary.
Dry is hard and brittle, conditioned is shock resistant and pliable.
In the machining, automatic machines are not usable for the excessive elasticity of the chips.
It is not suitable for food use.
The electrical characteristics vary with changes in moisture content. This greatly limits its use in the electric sector.


For the characteristics of self-lubrication is used as the mechanical industry Akulon6 for mechanical parts in general.