Plastim Nylon 66.6 +graphite

Nylon 66.6 +graphite


Copolymer of nylon with the addition of graphite gives excellent mechanical features. It combines the good impact resistances of PA 6 as well as the higher stiffness of PA 66. For this reason it machines very well on automatic tools and on CNC centres. The U.V. stabilisation makes it light resistant and it is therefore suitable for outdoor applications.


Wear resistance: good even in demanding environments.
Toughness: high tensile stress and compressive strength.
Self-lubricating: the friction coefficient is low and generally for sliding application it does not require lubricators.
U.V. resistance: particularly suitable for outdoor applications it withstands atmospheric agents and low temperatures very well.
Machining on automatic tools is easy thanks to the breaking of shavings during machining and to its higher stiffness.
It is resistant to alkali, inorganic compounds and solvents.


It's hygroscopic (even if at lower extent than PA 6) therefore the mechanical features and the dimensions will change consequently.
Generally it is not used in contact with food.
Use in the electrical field is to be avoided as the electrical features change with the moisture content. It is sometimes used when its mechanical features are required.


Thanks to its higher stiffness compared to PA 6 and its higher shock resistance compared to PA 66, this material is increasingly being used in the mechanical field to produce:
Anti-wear guides.

In the field of construction and earthmoving equipment PA 66.6 can be found in:

It’s particularly suitable for machining on automatic lathes.