Plastim Omniamid Cast Nylon Black

Omniamid (Cast Nylon Black)


Cast Nylon 6 produced with the addition of graphite and a special lubricator which gives to this product better properties than natural PA6G. Whilst retaining the general features of Omniamid G it's more shock resistant and self-lubricating. It's also easier to machine and U.V. ray resistance is better than that of natural Omniamid G.


Wear resistance, better than natural PA6. Tensile stress and compressive strength, same as Omniamid G, whilst the shock resistance is higher, the fatigue resistance is more elevated.
Self-lubricating, the friction coefficient is low.
Against resistance, weatherproof and good resistance at low temperature
It is resistant to alkali, inorganic compounds and solvents.


It is hygroscopic even if to a lower extent than natural PA6G. Because of the molecular structure, large-sized cast pieces have better quality than those of small dimensions.
It cannot be used in contact with food.
Usage in the electrical field is to be avoided as the electrical properties change with the change in moisture content. It is sometimes used when its mechanical features are requested.


Thanks to the possibility of obtaining large-sized pieces this material is widely used in the mechanical field to produce large diameter:
Anti-wear guides.

In the building of parts for construction machines, excavators and earthmovers it is used for:
Gear wheels.
Guide bearings.
Sliding bearings.