Plastim Peek Modified

Peek Modified


Modified Peek is filled with 10% carbon, 10% graphite and 10% PTFE. It combines even higher stiffness, mechanical strength and creep resistance than glass filled with an optimum wear resistance. Moreover, compared with unreinforced Peek, the fibres considerably reduce thermal expansion and provide 3.5 times higher thermal conductivity – dissipating heat from the bearing surface faster, improving bearing life and pressure-velocity capabilities.


Good strength
Good wear resistance.
Good machining qualities.
Low water absorption.
Good dimensional stability.
Good electrical properties.
Good resistance to high impact compared to finer weave grades.
Good chemical and corrosion resistance.


Very dusty to machine.
Other plastics can offer greater wear properties.
Mechanical properties are directional due to the weave.
Components can fail along the weave which is a shear plane.


This product is commonly used for components with intricate features which need accuracy and a fine machined finish.
Wear resistant components.
Insulation for low voltages.