Plastim PETP +Lube light grey

PETP TX +Lube (light grey)


Semi-crystalline polyester modified with solid lubricants. It has excellent mechanical and tribological properties. It has a high dimensional stability, a very low coefficient of friction combined with low friction characteristics and superior self-lubricating; all this enhances the typical characteristics of Arnite; it shows excellent results in precision applications, also for use without lubrication, with rapid cycling and high surface speeds.


High resistance to wear.
Good dimensional stability for both temperature and humidity.
Low coefficient of friction, suitable for 'dry' use.
Excellent machinability.
Food is physiologically inert and is widely used in food machinery.
The excellent electrical characteristics maintained over time they do largely used for insulators or electrical applications.


The material is hard, the impact resistance is not high.
If used in a wet environment must not exceed 80° C.
Sensitive to hydrolysis.
The material sometimes subject to minimum quantities / preparation times associated with the production.


It can be precision machined for intricate components with tight tolerances and is one of the most commonly used engineering plastics for mechanical applications such as:
Sliding bearings.