Plastim Polyethylene HMWPE - PE500

HMWPE - PE 500


Polyethylene with a molecular weight of +/- 600,000 (PE 500) and has a good combination of stiffness and toughness. In less demanding applications with respect to wear and impact resistance, PE 500 presents an economical alternative to the PE1000 standard grades. It is a versatile polyethylene grade used mainly in the food industry but is also employed in all kinds of mechanical, chemical and electrical applications.


High abrasion resistance.
Low friction coefficient.
Low specific gravity.
Easily machinable.
High chemical resistance, typical of the polyolefins.
Shock resistance is good even at low temperatures.
Being physiologically inert, it's approved for food contact by the most important standards organisations.
Good electrical properties.


Compared to the engineering plastics it has lower thermal and mechanical properties, such as tensile stress, flexural and compressive strength.
Compared to high molecular weight PE, it is more rigid and its resistance to continuous shock is therefore lower.


The low friction coefficient and its non-hygroscopicity make it suitable for use as a bearing or mechanical parts with low loads, even when operating in water. However, it's widely used for components in food machinery and manufacturing.