Plastim Ultem +30% Glass Filled

Ultem +30% GF


With the addition of 30% glass fibres, Ultem offers higher stiffness, strength and creep resistance compared to unfilled Ultem. It is commonly used for structural applications supporting static loads for long periods of time at high temperatures. Ultem +30% GF has excellent dimensional stability up to 2500C making very popular for machined components in the electronic and semiconductor industries. This product is not suitable for sliding parts.


Resistance to high temperature.
Flame resistance: self-extinguishing, low oxygen index.
High tensile stress, flexural strength, E.modulus.
Good chemical resistance.
Excellent electrical properties.
Physiologically inert, therefore FDA compliant.


The cost is higher than conventional engineering plastics.
Lower shock resistance.
Unsuitable coolants used during machining can lead to subsequent stress cracking.


Structural probes.
Manifolds in pharmaceutical process equipment.
Clamps to connect circuit boards.
Sight glasses and in aircraft instrumentation.